Michele Pistollato, PhD 2012, Office of Health Economics (UK)

“The days which I spent at IDEA were memorable. I always felt that I was receiving incomparable support and guidance from all the professors. The program gave me a strong technical background and provided the flexibility to specialise in the areas that interested me. IDEA is a challenging PhD program that I heartily recommend."

Tatjana Dahlhaus, PhD 2013, Bank of Canada

"Doing my Ph.D at IDEA was one of the best decisions of my life. From a professional view IDEA provided me with high quality courses and an ideal environment to perform research. From a more personal view, I have experienced great support throughout my years at IDEA, both from professors and fellow students. Last but not least, Barcelona is the most amazing city in the world. It's a win-win situation!"

Philippos Louis, PhD 2012, University of Zurich (post-doctoral researcher)

"The IDEA program offers rigorous training, from top researchers that really care about their students. And all this in a place like Barcelona! You can't ask for much more..."

Zhang Xiang, PhD 2013, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in China

"IDEA program gave me the chance to read up on the basic ideas and key people in the economics field, as this offered a great help in my later research. I really enjoy it – there’s a lot of work and the time goes by quickly, but it is rewarding when you can tie different strands of the course together into a coherent picture of a particular issue, and that should be savoured."

Pau Pujolàs, PhD 2013, McMaster University

“During my PhD I had the opportunity to work alongside brilliant economists, learn from extraordinary colleagues, and relish in some of the most profound academic discussions. The topics discussed in the weekly workshops were always on the forefront of modern research and were built on the conceptual framework of the IDEA program.”

Joaquin Naval, PhD 2013, Universidad de Guanajuato

“IDEA is an opportunity to learn economic skills surrounded by brilliant professors and students who come from different places of the world. Nice and smart people who are worth knowing. Moreover, Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities I have ever been. Barcelona is a perfect complement for one of the best hard-working programs in Economics.”

Camilo J. Pecha Garzón, MA 2014, Inter-American Development Bank (USA)

"IDEA program gave me the guides and tools to find a way to successful research in Development Economics. The program is committed to deliver high levels of technical guidance and advising in various topics in Economics, strengthening in this way the critical and theoretical skills of its students and researchers. Highly prepared faculty from top universities make the program an excellent place to start or continue a successful career as a researcher in Economics."

Riste Gjorgjiev, PhD 2013, Universitat de Girona

“IDEA-The alliance between patience and eagerness, traditional and modern The extensive offer of diverse courses taught by outstanding scholars gives an excellent foundation to anyone with an aspiration for economic research. During my time at IDEA I was also able to meet and discuss with many visitors from other Universities, which helped me to get additional insight into my areas of interest. The department’s hospitality and completeness conveyed through numerous seminars, workshops and social events will make you feel at home and consequently you will wish that your stay there never ends. So, would I go back there again? - Undoubtedly Yes!”

Jan Grobovsek, PhD 2012, University of Edinburgh

“IDEA's philosophy – borrowed from the U.S. – rests on two pillars. First, a rigorous training that yields well-rounded economists. Second, a truly dedicated faculty that, as a group, encourages and supports the students towards success. The program's value-added to the students is enormous, which is why IDEA is very well-respected in the academic community.”

Carlos Grau, MA 2014, Deloitte (Spain)

"The secret to IDEA's success is merely the people behind the program. A group of prestigious yet accessible researchers, supportive classmates from around the world, and a very efficient administration staff guarantee a rewarding and unforgettable experience in the most lovely city in the world. In my opinion, IDEA is the optimal choice if interested in gaining a foothold as a top academic economist."

Arnau Valladares-Esteban, PhD 2014, University of Southampton

"From IDEA I received outstanding training and supervision to start my career as a researcher in Economics. I attended great courses taught by excellent professors, I seated and participated in research-frontier seminars, I enjoyed a very dynamic research environment, I was supervised by brilliant researchers,... the list could be much longer, summarizing: It was an excellent experience."

David Jimenez-Gomez, MA 2010, PhD student at MIT

"UAB offers both academic excellency and life quality. The faculty is knowledgeable and accessible, and the coursework is designed to bring the student to the frontier of research. Barcelona hosts one of the leading communities of economists in Europe and the world, in addition of being a city with vibrant life and a cultural hub by the Mediterranean sea. Studying at UAB was an incredibly enriching experience for me!"

Tugce Cuhadaroglu, PhD 2013, University of St. Andrews

“I would not hesitate a second to recommend IDEA to anyone interested in a strong, well-structured academic training in economic analysis. As a dynamic, supportive, enthusiastic academic environment, IDEA not only provides you with the required tools and skills to be a well-trained economist and an independent researcher but thanks to its recognized position in European economists network, it allows you to interact with world-wide researchers and brilliant economists. PhD is never an easy task, but it sure was fun in IDEA.”

Carlos Ezquerra, MA 2014, Albea Transenergy S. L. (Spain)

"IDEA is a very demanding programme, but investing time and effort I have been able to acquire a vast amount of economic research tools in a very short period. I want to highlight that I have found among professors top researchers and excellent human beings at the same time who have helped me to really understand economic science even without having an undergraduate economic background."

Daniela Hauser, PhD 2013, Bank of Canada

“I benefited from superb supervision and was provided the possibility to be in contact with internationally leading professors. I especially appreciated the professional preparation for the job market, tailored to everybody’s particular needs.”

CSABA, Daniel MA 2013, PhD student at NYU

IDEA provides world-class training in economic analysis, getting students to the frontier of research. Moreover, this demanding work is done in a warm and supportive environment with an outstanding and accessible faculty. To all this, adding the amazing city of Barcelona and it's vibrant culture the experience is simply unforgettable.

Christopher Rauh, PhD 2014 University of Cambridge (post-doctoral researcher)

"I highly recommend the IDEA program on the basis of its terrific mix of academic excellence and personalized supervision. As a plus, Barcelona is not only a magnificent city but also provides an extensive research network."

Francisco Manuel Alvarez, MA 2011, Competition and Markets Authority (UK)

“I can say from my experience that IDEA is an exceptional and stimulating graduate program in Economics. Its reputation for quality and academic excellence is world-renowned. My courses gave me a deeper insight into my fields of interest and the knowledge and experience I gained have proved invaluable in the world of professional economics. I not only had the opportunity to learn from a group of world-class academics, but also to build up lasting friendships. I will always be grateful for the time and energy dedicated to my training and supervision.”

Sabine Flamand, PhD 2012, Nova School of Business and Economics (post-doctoral researcher)

“The program offers an international and extremely dynamic and diverse research environment, while being in a wonderful city that allows for a very rich and enjoyable social life.”

Nuno Alvim, PhD 2012, RBB Economics (UK)

“The IDEA program was a great first step for my professional life. It allied thorough teaching with exposure to great research. Most importantly, it represented the opportunity to be part of a curious, intellectually challenging and friendly community.”

Daryna Grechyna, PhD 2011, University of Auckland

“I had a great experience studying at IDEA. Lovely city, local culture, and excellent courses taught by renowned faculty made those five years unforgettable. High international standards training at IDEA opens many opportunities after graduation, both in academics and in the private sector. I strongly recommend this program.”

Lorenzo Burlon, PhD 2011, Universitat de Barcelona

"The IDEA program is a great experience. The administration is informal and pragmatic, the class offerings are well structured, and the faculty is sharp and accessible."