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Upcoming Events

Selected Forthcoming Papers

Elisa Faraglia, Albert Marcet, Rigas Oikonomou and Andrew Scott

"Government Debt Management: The Long and the Short of It", Review of Economic Studies

Guo, V., Pérez Castrillo, D. and Toldrà Simats, A.

"Firms Innovation Strategy under the Shadow of Analyst Coverage", Journal of Financial Economics

Nagore Iriberri and Pedro Rey-Biel

"Competitive Pressure Widens the Gender Gap in Performance: Evidence from a Two-Stage Competition in Mathematics", Economic Journal

Alex Monge-Naranjo, Juan Sanchez and Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis

"Natural Resources and Global Misallocation", American Economic Journals: Macroeconomics

Leandro de Magalhaes and Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis

"The Consumption, Income and Wealth of the Poorest: An Empirical Analysis of Economic Inequality in Rural and Urban Sub-Saharan Africa for Macroeconomists", Journal of Development Economics

Joan de Martí and Pau Milán

"Regime Change in Large Information Networks", Games and Economic Behavior



Assistant professor, Joan Llull,  has been awarded the European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant for his project "Dynamic Modeling of Labor Mobility and Human Capital Accumulation (DYMOLAMO)" 



Assistant professor, André Gröger, has been awarded the Juan de la Cierva Fellowship by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. 



Assistant professor Joan Llull has been named guest editor of an upcoming special issue of Labour Economics that will focus on Labour Market Impacts and Migration Policies



Associate professor Pedro Rey Biel gives this year´s annual roundtable at the Fundación Ramón Areces in honor of the 2017 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Richard H. Thaler. 



Former doctoral student Franceso Cerigioni, has been awarded the Fuentes Quintana Prize for best doctoral thesis from the Funcas Foundation.  



Pau Olivella has been appointed University Professor of the UAB Economics and Economic History Department. 



Professor Salvador Barberà  has been elected Fellow of the Game Theory Society.



Professor David Pérez-Castrillo have been named Barcelona GSE Research Professor 



Professor Salvador Barberà will partipate in the Academic Tribute to Ken Arrow organized by the Insitute for Economic Policy Research at Stanford University. Professor Barberà will form part of a distinguished panel on Social Choice, together with Eric MaskinKotaro SuzumuraAmartya Sen



Professors Nezih Guner and David Pérez-Castrillo have been elected Vice-president of The Spanish Economic Association. Associate Professor  Susanna Esteban has been elected as a member of its council. 



IDEA now offers a double degree program that may be of particular interest to students seeking to specialize in international finance and banking in a fully international academic and professionalizing environment. This program allows students to combine the solid analytical training of the IDEA research master with the specialized preparation of the Master of Science in International Banking and Finance (MIBF), offered by Lingnan University in Hong Kong.



Professor Timonthy J. Kehoe  will be awarded with the honorary degree Doctor Honoris Causa by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona on March 16, at 12pm. The ceremony will take place at the Sala d `Actes in the Rectorate building of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.



Nezih Guner has been recently elected member of the Council of the European Economic Association



The Department of Economics and Economic History offers a position of Lector, within the Serra Hunter program.



Professor Kentaro Hatsumi (Kansai University) will be visiting MOVE-UFAE during the academic year 2017-2018



Public call for Agregat´ position  2017/D/LD/CC/5 and 2017/D/LD/CC/6  -- Notificació concurs CU-17-33